VA Appeals Support

Are you a Vietnam Veteran or a loved one?
Are you struggling to deal with the VA to get everything you have earned? 

While our mission is to preserve the voice and legacy of every Vietnam Veteran, we understand the powerful impact a positive VA Appeal can have on your life. Our goal for this VA Appeals Support page is to provide resources to help you in your battle with the VA, and if you would like, to connect with our support partner – Berry Law. Americas Veterans Law Firm.

VA Appeals Support

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VA Appeals Process:

Applying to Receive Benefits From the VA
Step 1: Apply

If you are a Veteran who has a service-related disability, you can file a claim with the department of Veterans affairs (VA for short) and start receiving monthly tax-free assistance. If your disability makes it difficult for you to work and finish everyday tasks, you may be qualified for even higher benefits from the VA.

The VA will identify you as a disabled Veteran if you have a condition, either physical or mental, that links directly to your service in the military. In some situations, you can still get a disability rating and receive benefits from the VA even if there is not a direct connection between your disability and your military service. 

To file a claim with the VA and apply to receive benefits, you can mail in an application or drop one off at your local VA office.

How the VA Gives Benefits:

Disability benefits from the VA are tax-free and come each month. Pay rates for disabilities change every year, as do the dates on which payments will arrive. In addition, the number of dependents in your home can also impact your monthly benefits, with each dependent increasing your payment.

The VA rates each disabled Veteran who they settle to have a disability rating related to service on a scale of 0 to 100. With each 10% increase in the disability rating scale, monthly payments increase substantially. Even the difference between the payments for a 10% and 20% disability rating is big enough to make a major difference in your ability to support yourself and your family.

The Rating You Get Might Not Accurately Reflect Your Condition. 

Because a higher disability rating directly parallels to higher monthly payments, getting a rating that accurately reflects your disability is a must. The VA is not perfect, and they do not always give disabled Veterans a rating that will get them the benefits they deserve.

If you have a serious service-related disability or are suffering from a combination of multiple disabilities, you may be entitled to get your rating reevaluated by the VA. There are several ways to potentially change the VA’s decision, including if they denied you disability benefits. You can request a decision review, which involves either presenting further evidence to the VA or getting a senior official at the VA to examine your case. You can also make an appeal to the VA with the assistance of an attorney.

VA Appeals Support
Step 2: Get Support

A Higher Disability Rating Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Life.

If the VA gives you a disability rating that is lower than you deserve, it can have devastating consequences. You may not be getting the support that you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones – and no one should end up in that situation. Appealing to the VA is the best move to make when you need to get your rating changed to accurately reflect the severity of your disability.

Even getting raised from a 20% rating to a 30% rating can make a major difference in your ability to support yourself and your loved ones. The differences between disability ratings can make it extremely important to get a rating that accurately reflects how severe your disability is, especially if your condition makes you unable to work.

The department of Veterans affairs is not your enemy. However, you may need to appeal their decision to get the financial support you deserve. The VA appeals support process can seem overwhelming and complicated, but with the help of a dedicated attorney, you can get all the disability compensation you are entitled to. We have partnered with Berry Law which means you’ll have someone on your team who understands both the struggles Veterans face and how the VA claims process works.

The Berry Law team consists of Veterans helping Veterans who are committed to helping you get the outcome that you need from the VA. With their help, we believe you’ll be well on your way to getting the benefits that you need and deserve.