Operation Triumphus

Nebraska Vietnam Veteran Reunion

Our mission is to preserve the history of every Vietnam Veteran in a way that shares their voice and provides them with the triumphant return they never received.

Our objectives are to provide an interactive museum that helps share the stories of Vietnam Veterans; to help connect our lost brothers and sisters in arms; and to inspire ongoing gratitude for a generation of Veterans who were spat upon and ridiculed when they came home. We cannot replace the feelings of betrayal and loss that some Veterans felt on their return, but we can correct the course of sentiment to make sure that future generations understand and honor their legacy. The Vietnam generation said “Never Again!”, and fought hard to get better treatment for Veterans. Their actions helped future service members and Veterans get better treatment, and we feel it is our duty to repay them for their sacrifices and vigilance.

We are Veterans of wars in Vietnam and the Middle East.

We are sons paying tribute to fathers.

We are a grateful nation determined to provide an eternal Triumphal Procession these Vietnam Veterans deserve.

Operation Triumphus 

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